Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jeff and Jordan are going to be on the Baub Show!

They have been my most requested guests since I started the show and now I'm happy to announce they will be the guests on October 12th! Since so many of you have great questions, I would like to invite you to spend the next week and a half leaving your questions for them in the comment section of this post. I will do my best to ask as many as possible on the night of the show!


jordeff fan said...

Hey Jordan, what day did Jeremy Piven enter the house?

Mary said...

Jordan - First I want to say that most of us spend our whole lives waiting for someone to look at us the way that Jeff looked at you sometimes in that house and I wish you many, many happy years and many, many beautiful babies together. My question is - when you are asked what is your best memory of being in the BB house - why isn't your answer - MEETING JEFF???

Kat said...

Are Jeff and Jordan going to add Fan Pages to facebook? 5,000 fans on private pages isn't enough for the thousands more that love them! said...

Did Jeff like the bowl w/all of his sayings, that Jordan made for him?

lori said...

How different is life since you've been home?

lori said...

To both- Are you missing each other now that you are back home with family and friends?

Anonymous said...

This is for Jeff and Jordan. Do you think that the twist of having cliques this year was the main reason why the house split the way that it did? or do you think that the alliances would have formed that way without them?

lori said...

Just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to you, both. And say... ya'll made BB11!

jess_bblove said...

I have a few questions for the lovely couple.

First off, congratulations to the both of you. I adore you guys & I wish the best for you, both. Now to the questions.

1) What was your favourite moment in Vegas?
2) Congrats on the Reality Award, nomination! Did you guys have any idea that you two would be nominated? I know for a fact a lot of people sent requests for that to happen.
3) What is it like to be back at home? Has anything changed?

BonusQ! Jeff & Jordan, will you two come to Boston?

Okay, that's all. :D

jess_bblove @ twitter. (just sayin'.)

Bye! :D

humanbg said...

Jeff and Jordan,

After attending the Vegas Bash and meeting some former Big Brother houseguests and other reality stars, would you like to continue to attend future Reality TV and Big Brother fan events that are held around the country? Have you received any invitations or notices about upcoming events, and if so, do you plan to attend any of them? What does it feel like when people are excited to meet and talk to you since you left the Big Brother house? Do you get recognized now whenever you go out in public?

punknpie40 said...

Jeff....since you were the BB wizard this season....what do you think of getting a wizard tattoo with BB11 in it?

Kylie said...

J&J, Did your families and friends have the live feeds? And did they have funny stories about watching you all summer? Did they think that you guys were more than "bffs" like the rest of america did? :)

Tani said...

For Jordan:I know you have other plans but if you were offered acting roles or modeling jobs would you accept including if playboy offered you a pictorial.

For Jeff:Have you been offered any acting roles and since Jeremy Piven is also from Chicago and you met him in the house how about trying out for his Entourage!

Kylie said...

Jordan, you were SOO cute when you won the 2nd part of the final HOH and you didn't know whether to clap for yourself or not :)

Could you hear the studio audience cheering for you (and not cheering at all for Natalie)? Did Kevin and Natalie notice that?

Jaime said...

Jeff and Jordan,
After spending time together outside the house are you both finding that the other person is just like they were inside the house or are they different, and if different how so?

Tracy said...

Are the two of you getting tired of answering the same questions over and over again?

Julie said...

Not really a question...more a comment. There are two moments that stuck out to me during BB11:

1. Jeff was rubbing your back in Jordan's HOH room and said, "O.K., I have to stop touching you." I just thought that was he knew he had to stop or he would do something that you both would regret doing on t.v.

2. Towards the end of Jeff's last week, you were in the Splish Spash Room. Jeff was putting something (a glass maybe) on the shelf on Jordan's side. He moved over and straddled Jordan to reach the shelf. Jordan had her hand SO CLOSE to Jeff's abs, but wouldn't touch. I could tell that Jeff didn't know what she was doing.

You both showed amazing restraint. I guess my question could be, "How difficult was it to not forget about cameras and just make out like any normal couple would do in 'real life'?"

tripseez said...

When did each of you realize that it was more than bff?

Anne said...

A few questions..1)Did you guys see the segment on the show where your moms both talked about how you may be meant for each other? It was really sweet 2) would you ever consider being on tv again..watching you two was like watching a 1960's married couple on a tv sitcom? 3) you know Jordan is extremely sweet and caring, shes always thinking of others before herself ...How did it make you feel that she wanted to give up the game so you could stay? (shes too sweet!) 4)Jordan can you mimic jeffs "john gotti sandwich" line (haha)?

Ashley said...

Hey Jordan - if you were offered to do playboy or maxim would you do it?

Glory Torres said...

(first off, thanks Baub for having them on the show-- it will be like a birthday present for me, yay!)

Hey Jordan, hey Jeff!

Obviously, America LOVES the both of you! How have the both of you been reacting to the publicity and fan support being thrown in your directions? It's like you guys went into the house completely unknown and have come out as mini-celebrities. Is it overwhelming?

lori said...

America never saw you as a "showmance"!! The two of you were much more! Honestly, you were hilarious with your day to day interactions. SUGGESTION:
Maybe one day you can sit down together and watch some footage. Even you will have to laugh! Your personalities are so well matched!! That is why America hopes you work as a couple! However, we will love you both always!! America saw real people in you, and it was so refreshing! Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

If they ever had a Celebrity Big Brother. What celebrities do you think could make it in the house...and who do you think wouldnt last a day without having a breakdown?

LoriInMo said...

Jeff and Jordan,

1) Have you 2 watched all of the episodes of the season yet? What about all of the tributes on youtube and clipster made of the 2 of you? What do you think?

2) Did your families and friends watch the feeds, BBAD, and tribute videos or just the BB11 TV shows? What comments did they have?

3) Jordan said her Mom loves Jeff and thinks he's a sweetheart. Jeff, what do your brother and sister-in-law and other friends and family think of Jordan?

4) Jordan, the last couple weeks of the game Jeff was pretty snappy with you sometimes. Is he like that out of the BB house or was it just the stress of the BB game that made him be a real prick to you at times?

5) Jordan, have you ever asked Jeff who the hell else is 'on the short list' he mentions when asked who he's taking to Hawaii?

5) Is it a little bit creepy that after being on the feeds 24/7 people care so much about your private relationship?

cawley said...

When did you realize you were more than just friends? Would either of you consider moving so y'all can be together?

Kat said...

Is Jeff aware that Jordan DID give Michele a message for Jeff when she got evicted? Jordan told Michele to tell Jeff he's a Yo-yo and Jordan misses him.

SunnyB said...

You made America very proud of you by playing the game with honesty, integrity, dignity, generosity and a huge heart. You proved that a "good" human being CAN succeed in Big Brother!

How does it make you feel knowing you're the first player to win without all of the lying, cheating, backstabbing, cruelty and stealing that Big Brother fans like I am have seen for 10 previous seasons?

You also played the game honestly, like Jordan. Have you received compliments or comments for playing the game with integrity? How does it make you feel to know you played with honor and dignity and still won America's Favorite?

Jordan and Jeff:
Do you both feel your honorable, dignified, humorous gameplay and America's overwhelmingly positive response to it, may change the way Big Brother will be played in the future?

Congratulations to both of you for being yourselves and making BB11 the best Big Brother ever!

Karen said...

Jeff and Jordan, Congratulations to the both of you and also thank you for a wonderful fun summer of watching you 2 and the fact that you stayed true to yourselves while playing a game that requires alot of backstabbing and lying. I think you were a breath of fresh air that alot of us needed. My question is since you've been out are you surprised at how America saw more then just the BFF relationship and how amazed are you that so many of us are rooting for you to be a couple?

My Grown Up Blog said...

We know your first few weeks out of the house have been jam packed and very busy...what has been the most fun experience since leaving the house?
Also, we know while you are in the Big Brother house you are cut off from all forms of media and any communication from the outside world, what was the most interesting or surprising thing you learned once you were back in reality.

I also wondered what Jeff's brother and sister in law thought of Jordan, we heard what Jordan's mom and brother thought of Jeff but we know that Jeff and Jordan went to Vegas with Jeff's Brother and Sister and from the message boards it looks like they spent a lot of time together just wondered what they thought of Jordan.

Thanks for having them on your show, I am a huge fan and know this will be a great interview for the fans that will be respectful and full of class while still letting us get more info on our favorites from this season. :)

Karen said...

Congrats Jeff and Jordan, you were a breath of fresh air and I want to say that you made watching BB the best this summer. After you came out of the house did it surprise you how much we all came to love the both of you separately and as a couple or were you in shock at how much we did care and want you 2 to make a relationship work?

Lady Mema said...

Congrats on a well-played game this summer. The two of you actually won something much more valuable - you won a friendship that will last a lifetime, a friendship that is the foundation of any long-lasting relationship. Loving someone can only happen if you like that person first! You showed America how to build one another up, support each other, and laugh together each and every day. Thank you for the fights and the laughter this summer. How is the decompressing outside the BB house? Is it harder than you thought or do you simply slip back into your "before BB" ways?

Rinagirl said...

Hello Jeff and Jordan!

Jordan can you do some one liners of jeffs? HEHE i love the John gottie sandwich one!!

Jeff: did Jordan give you the bowl she made for you? what did you think of her thoughtfulness? I loved it!
Anyways, hope to see u both in the entertainment world we miss you guys!

joe said...

Congratulations to you both, you were the most real and genuine people on this show this season and you made it worth watching. I wish you both all the best!


1)Has there been any lie or something someone said behind your back on the show that you've found out since the shows been over that has really surprised you?

2)Jordan do you know that Natalie was the one who voted against you when you were on the block with Laura?

3)Jeff do you know Jordan really did send a message for you with Michelle and talked about you a lot with her?

HuskerMom said...

For Jeff:

1. Your faith seems to be a very important part of your life. How did that help you throughout the game?

2. Jeff, you were quite the cook while in the BB house. Who taught you how to cook and what is your favorite dish to make?

3. You tried to sing a lot in the house. What is your favorite type of music and do you have a favorite song?

4. You were really isolated from what was going on in the world while in the Big Brother house. What were you most surprised to learn when you got out of the house?

5. Did you ever get to see Jordan's goodbye message after you were evicted and if so, what did she say?

Jeff, I enjoyed watching you and Jordan on BB11 this summer. You made me laugh with your one-liners. You made my heart beat faster when you shared tender moments with Jordan and you made my heart swell when you spoke about how you live your life to stay positive. You are an amazing man. Thanks for a great summer!

ILoveThis said...

Jeff and Jordan - What was it like to meet Neil Patrick Harris? I know he's a huge fan of Big Brother and I was wondering what he had to say, was he a fan of you two? Also, does it blow your mind all the celebrities that want to meet with you?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, my question is for Jordan.
First of all, i just want to say that Jordan is my favorite houseguest of all time and i love her!

Jordan, are you in touch with Natalie? What are your feelings towards her?

jejofan4eva said...

I have 2 question's...

1). Do you feel the same strong connection with each other outside of the BB house that you felt inside ?

2). Any plan's to move closer to each other or will you keep doing the long distance thing for now ?

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Loved watching Jeff and Jordan this season and Thank you in advance to The Baub Show for hosting this chat.

I would love to hear how each of your home towns and families have welcomed you back, any special parties, local news interviews, etc.

Are either or both of you headed back to LA anytime soon?

ILoveThis said...

Jordan - We saw a little bit of your jealous side while you were in the house, (ex. Jeff taking someone else to Hawaii, and when he mentioned taking a girl on a fishing trip) how do you feel about all these women throwing themselves at Jeff?

Jeff - How do you feel about all these women hitting on you, I'm sure it happens a lot! BTW, its a combination of your personality, charm, sense of humor and consideration of others that makes you attractive to the public. That you're smokin' hot is just a bonus!

Yakkityyaks said...

I just want to say that it was nice to see someone so genuine win this game for once. With Jordan, what you saw was what you got, good or bad. And the same goes for Jeff. A JeJo F2 would've been the ULTIMATE.

My questions are this:

Jeff, did you know that if you'd put an "e" in, instead of an "o", finished and spelled "technetronics" that you would've had an actual word? So you really weren't that far off.

Jordan, what do you think of the maliciousness Natalie displayed that had nothing to do with the game and how do you feel about the mean things she's said about Michele since the show was done?

Has there been, for either of you, anything that you've heard of that occurred during the show that's changed your opinion on any of the other hg's?

deeTN said...

I love Jordan & Jeff individually and together. I NEVER get live feeds but this year I couldn't resist. You made this season bearable, thank you for being so real. As a mother of a 24 yr old daughter, I appreciated your stand on the sex on tv, Jordan and Jeff I appreciated your respect of that. It was fun watching your playfullness in trying, though. Question for Jordan: Would you consider going to school in Chicago if things progress well with Jeff? Question for Jeff: How is Mimmo's baby? Are you going to be the Godfather?

Veronica Morrissey said...

FAN Thoughts on BB 11...and possible ELLEN Show!?!

Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother 11- FANS want to see these America's Sweethearts on the Ellen show! Fans...WOW! There are so many of us- and not the creepy fans either- just normal everyday people like myself. I'm a mom and happily married for 20 years and counting:)So for what reason is the Jordeff fever? Honestly, we in the chat rooms across America and Canada ask ourselves that question everyday. We feel silly that we care so much! LOL...embarrassed that we got the subscription to the live feeds and rearranged our schedules just 2 b able to watch these 2. Maybe it's the joy. Simple joy- like the feeling you get when Ellen dances! It's wholesome. A stress buster to just laugh and smile and remember what is really important that we sometimes forget- it feels good to b happy for each other, even for people we don't know. It feels good to root for the underdog. It feels good to recognize possibilities. For all the bad and ugly we see in our world sometimes- it's nice to recognize and respond to -simply joy.

comment written by, Veronica Morrissey

Kylie said...

1. Have you guys seen all the YouTube tributes? Do you have a favorite?

2. What do you think of your moms role on the show? They were both so cute :)

3. Did you realize you probably got 95% of the votes for coup d' etat? We couldn't decide which of you to vote for, but then we were afraid that Jordan would end up telling Jeff if she got it, and then lose the power!

La Fleur said...

The live feed watchers counted along with you one evening. Now let's see what you remember.
1.) How many cardboard cylinders are there in the green room?
2.) How many brown glass bottles?
3.) How many plastic bottles?

You guys were the best! Congrats to both of you! It was great watching you on the show/live feeds. Hope to see more of you!

info said...

Jeff- I taped the episode when you won the wizard power and played it back 5 times. I love the noise you did when you stood up.I was so happy for your side and that you finally got a break.

My question is.. if you were granted another coudetat right now outside the house to change anything currently in your life what would it be?

bdkisok said...

Veronica Morrissey - well said, well said. I cannot think of anything more to say beyond what you said. It's great to have nice people win,yes?

tinamw12 said...

Hey Jeff, Hey Jordan- 1st off, congrats, you are both awesome people and I wish you the best
1) how are you handling all the attention outside the house?
2) what do you feel was your worst move & best move in the house & funniest moment/worst moment in the house
3) To Jordan:did you & Russell get along in Vegas & did he apologize for the backyard comments?
4) To Jeff, do you feel the CDT came at the best time in the game?
5) Lydia's eviction-what was the reason behind her vs Natalie?

Thanks for being real & true to yourselves!

punknpie40 said...

Jeff...before you left the house....Jordan told you she was going to sneak a surprise for you into your luggage but you werent supposed to see it until you left...can you say what it was?

tinamw12 said...

Hey Jordan, Hey Jeff-1st off congrats, you are both awesome people and I wish you the best
1)How are you handling all the attention outside of the house
2)what do you feel was your worst move/best move an funniest moment/best moment in the house?
3)To Jordan: Did you and Russell get along in Vegas and did he apologize for the backyard comments?
4) To Jeff: do you feel the CDT came at the best time in the game?
5)Lydia's eviction: what was the reason behind evicting her over Natalie?

Thank you for being real inside the house and staying true to yourselves.

gmjkdoss said...

As everyone else has said....congrats to both of you.

Jordan....was that the band from Jeff's cup that you had on your arm on finale night?

Jeff....on finale night were you giving Jordan a hand signal to wrap it up when she was giving her final speech?

anothermom said...

Jordan and Jeff,
Have you two seen any of the special videos people have made for you two on You Tube? What did you think of them if you did? I thought wow some of them could be worth their weight in gold if more does come of your relationship.

Samantha said...

I just wanted to know, Jeff & Jordan, have you seen the music videos people have been making as a tribute to you to!?!?! Although its a little creepy, its also an awesome way to look at your time in the BB house. What do you think?

Veronica Morrissey said...

Yes,it is bdkisok! Thanks for agreeing. Nice to know I'm not the only one to think so :)

sharencare89 said...

Jeff and Jordan

Just wanted to say it's about time that someone put the "real" back into "reality" tv. You guys did it with a bang!!! A few questions:

1. Jordan, How does it feel to be with the most loved man in America right now, and to know that he is the most loved man because of the tenderness, understanding, patience, and "real-ness" he shared only with you?

2. How hard was it not to get up and knock the holy crap out of Russell when he called Jordan fat, and kept attacking her, If he had pushed her back, what would you have done?

3. To both: When people make comments like Jordan only won because she hooked up with Jeff, basically like she didn't have enough common sense to make it on her own, like dumb blonde jokes? I just get furious when I read those. I love Jeff because he didn't sway from who he is, he was just himself, very vocal, upbeat, strongwilled, but Jordan was like that also, and that is why she won. If you remember at the beginning, the house turned on Jeff, he didn't hold back. He and Russell got into it early on. Jordan stood by him first. Then, he started holding back to protect her, but she made the first bold move, when she stood by him, because she risked everything at that time, knowing that everyone was against him. So in "reality" he sort of used her to get as far as he did, in my opinion, although, I agree with what Jeff said at one point about it wasn't meant for him to win, but it WAS meant for him to meet her and for them to be together. Call it what you want...Destiny, fate...chemistry...kizmet whatever...these two have it and we love it and we want more and more JEFF and JORDAN!!!

juki54 said...

Hey!! Jeff & Jordan OMG what a way to end the summer it's been fun. This is the best BB after 10 years of watching it. You two were so real.
My Question is this.. Would you Two do a show that was like Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon and have on the show other reality stars as your guest.
Hope to see you both real soon on TV.

jess.john07 said...

I loved you both on the show! You we're awesome! My first question is for Jordan:
Since leaving the big brother house, Russel has said in his interviews that he has not and will not appologize for the comments he made about your weight. Do you want him to appologize? What is your relationship with him outside of the house?

Next one is for Jeff:
When you were evicted, you seemed to be just a little cold toward Jordan when exiting the house. Did you ever harbor any anger or resentment towards Jordan for not winning the POV when you needed it the most? If you could do it all over again, would you still align with Jordan?

Kim said...

Jeff - We didn't see Jordan's goodbye message to you on the show. Were you able to see it in the jury house?

Jordan - What would you have done if you won the Mystery Power? Do you think you would have been able to keep the secret?

Both - Are there any other reality shows that you would be interested in being on?

Both - Have you been able to experience any normal moments together outside of the house? Watching TV, cooking meals at home, etc?

Both - What have been your friend's any family's reactions too the TV episodes? Did they subscribe to the live feeds?

Both - Aside from each other :) who were your favorite people in the house?

Both - Do you think having little knowledge of Big Brother helped or hurt you in the game?

Both - Fans really appreciated that you both were just being yourself in the house. Many of the other house guests were trying to play the game like their favorite prior contestant (DR. Will, Evel Dick, Dan). If you could play the game like a previous house guest did (or one from your own season), who would it be?

Amanda said...

Hello! I was wondering if you could ask the following question during your interview if you have time?

Jeff - After you were evicted from the show, did your family and friends start rooting for Jordan to win? Were they excited when she did?

Side note - I hadn't heard of your show until you were tweeting about being out to dinner with Jeff and Jordan, So I came to your site and listened to a few archived episodes and I'm hooked. I love your interview style. I'll definetly be listening in the future (especially on the 12th!)

Thank You!

Ashley said...

Jeff and Jordan. You both made this the best season of Big Brother. What does the future hold for the two of you and do you plan on keeping your fans updated on your lives regardless of if you are together or not? Would you consider doing something like the amazing race together?

commonsense said...

jeff have you considered putting yours and jordans funny sayings on t-shirts or stickers etc.? Your fans would love it

TheReader23 said...

Jordan -- I'm a Mom of a 25 year old and, as a Mom, I'm wondering if, after the show, your Mom said to you...."You better not let him go....he's one of a kind?" I would think she would have had to say something like that.

Jeff -- Your parents should be so unbelievably proud of the kind of man you have become. It's the first time on BB that I actually heard a guy call out another guy because of the way he was speaking to a woman. And the way you would look at Jordan with that little smile on your face when you were in the hammock....directors would pay millions if they could get one actor to do that and do it as unconsciously as you did. So my question....were your parents so very proud of you?

janedansbury said...

Veronica Morrissey said it best. I was starting to be ashamed that I cared so much for J&J.
Jeff can give you the best feeling just by him looking into Jordo's face! OMG
Q 1 - Yeh, who is on that short list to Hawaii?
family? or a girl?
Q 2 - Has your relationship grown any from just
BFF for both of you?
Q 3 - What did Jordo put in Jeff's bag when he
left for the Jury House?
Q 4 I'm assuming Jeff is Catholic... what religion is Jordo? Would that make a difference?
We love you both and want your happiness.
Thanx, Janedans

janedans said...
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Kylie said...

yay for the baub show-it's great! new listener because of BB! :)

jeff and jordan: On the day of the coup d'etat, did they tell you why the show was NOT gonna be LIVE that night?

Amanda said...

Question for Jeff -

In an interview that Michelle gave on Oct. 6/09 she stated that you did get to see your goodbye messages in the jury house, and that Jordan's wasn't very nice... what did Jordan say to you in her message?

My Grown Up Blog said...

In an interview that Michelle gave with BlogTalk Radio on 10/06/2009 she said that you did get to see your goodbye messages and that you were upset because Jordan's wasn't nice, what did Jordan's goodbye message to you say? As viewers we were all so excited to see the goodbye messages since we had seen you and Jordan discuss them on the feeds and what you were going to say to eachother, I was looking forward to seeing how many of Jordan's sayings she could squeeze into her goodbye message and so I just wondered what you ended up seeing and why Michelle is saying it was a rude message.

For Both-
What was the hardest thing for you to give up to live in the house for the summer?

At what point was the jury notified that there would be three houseguests left in the house on finale night and what was the overall reaction of the jury?

Also about the jury house, as viewers we get to see very little, maybe two or three minutes a week of jury house footage, I know there is a lot you can't tell us about, but is there anything about the jury house you can share? Was it on the beach (we heard you talk on the feeds about wanting to go to the beach at the jury house if you made it there) or did they have more activities there for you to do? Could you watch movies or listen to music, did you get more alcohol, could you talk game, did everyone do things together or did you all hang by yourselves, what was the jury house atmosphere like for you?

For Both-
We know that Jeff has gone to Charlotte for a few days to visit, what was Jeff's favorite thing about the trip? What was Jordan most excited to show him? Does Jordan have any intentions of going to Chicago at some point to see Jeff's hometown?

Thank you so much for having them on the show, I started listening to the show when I read the tweet about you going to dinner with Jeff and Jordan and I am really enjoying the show and look forward to listening every week but especially this week :)

TheReader23 said...

Jeff -- Do you think it would have been a different outcome if Michelle would have been able to verbalize her thoughts better? If she would have just sat you down and said, "We're the final four and that's it....don't change anything, he's not putting you on the block (meaning Russell)."

Mary said...

Jeff- You said many times throughout the show that you can't hide your true "colors" for three months inside that house. Have you had time to realize (or learned by watching any of the live feeds) that Russell, Michelle, and Natalie are not the type of people I think you and Jordan would associate with in real life. I watched almost every minute of the live feeds and I certainly realize as I hope you do that none of those three would be positive forces in your lives.

Mary said...

Jeff and Jordan-
When asked about your personal relationship again and again, you both would say that the BB house isn't the "real world" and I certainly agree. But on the other hand, have you stopped to ask yourselves - How long would we have had to date in the "real world" to get to know each other as well as we did when we walked out of that house? Because you were both so "real" and didn't try to play a character - what you saw was what you got - with the two of you. I wish nothing but the best for both of you. Congrats!! Appreesh!!!

Bonnie said...

Jordan and Jeff -- it was so refreshing to actually watch real people on a reality show. Kevin mentioned numerous times towards the end of his stay that you were getting the "good guy/girl" edit but what he didn't realize was that's all BB could do because you didn't give them any other footage. Thanks for being you!

I was so excited when you evicted Kevin because I knew immediately that you won the half million. Excellent choice! Was it a hard decision to make? Did it make you feel good that you got the guy that got Jeff? It was an added bonus for me.

Did you realize that you adopted some of the very words that you busted on Jeff for most of the game? I say "you know" all the time and had to laugh when you kept pointing it out to Jeff. By the end of the season it seemed like you said it even more than Jeff did.

Did you ever get around to telling Jeff what that dream was about? Can you give us a little hint? LOL!

Did you want to drown Jordan when you were in the jury house and you saw the first part of the final HOH and Kevin and Natalie were wearing your gear? It made me cringe a little but laugh at the same time because it was true to Jordan's character.

You mentioned towards the end of your stay in the house that Michelle was the biggest liar in the game. There were times that I think she really believed her own lies. Do you still think that she was indeed the biggest liar?

Best of luck to the both of you in whatever life brings you!

Christina said...

This is for both Jordan and Jeff-
When was it that you realized you liked each other more than just friends?

Mallory said...

1. When Jeff was in NC did he get to meet “Grandpa”? And what did Grandpa think of Jeff?

2. I realize that Jeff might not be able to tell everything, BUT are there things in the works for Jeff’s future career? REALLY want to see more of this guy.

3. Jeff, did you get to see the videos of Jordan winning the last two competitions? How proud we’re you when she won the 2nd part of the HOH Competition? That was AWESOME!!

4. Jeff, were you surprised that Jordan took Natalie to F2 instead of Kevin? (especially since she didn’t know what the jury was thinking)

5. Jordan, each time you called Jeff your BFF I felt bad for him because you could tell you meant more to him than that. But when you ignored him Finale Night ….. lets just say OUCH!! Did you feel more than BFF’s in the House, but just didn’t want to air your business or what?

LoriInMo said...

Hello Jordef!

1) Would both of you please promise your fans you'll twitter more? As crazy as it may seem to both of you we just love you two and want to hear what's going on with you more often!

2) Jordan, the last few weeks in the BB house Jeff seemed to really raise his voice and be pretty snappy with you which many fans didn't like at all. Is he like that with you outside the BB house too or was that just the stress of the game?

3) Jeff, how hard was it for you to keep the $500K in your mind and not punch Russell out?

janedans said...


Holly said...

Hey Jeff and Jordan,

I just wanted to say THANKS from all your fans. You both have quite a following.

I just wanted to ask you both, now that you have had time to spend together outside the Big Brother house, were you surprised or shocked about anything you found out about each other?

Again, thanks for sharing little updates with the fans. I wish you both continued success!

KimmyDarling said...

Bob, can't wait for the interview, and am really hoping I can hear it live.

I did think of a couple of questions, and hope you will ask them...

I'd love to know what has been the most surprising thing they've learned about each other outside the house.

It must be very strange to meet so many people who already feel they know you from watching you on the show/on the feeds. With that in mind, what were the family visits like for you both?

Jordan, have you splurged on anything particularly meaningful to you yet, since winning the money?

Thanks, Bob! Have fun tomorrow!


P.S. To the person who asked about t-shirts/merch with Jeff's wisecracks on them, check out

Anonymous said...

if you have been able to watch the feeds, if so.....
Jeff what do you think of Jordan on the log roll game? Girl was tuff!!

Did you know that ALL was being recorded via feeds? Any surprises?

Jeff did you have any "tecnotronics" shirts yet?

Loved both you guys. Best of luck in everything

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both!! Love yus to pieces!

#1 Jordan why on winning night were you kinda cold to Jeff?? I was very surprised and disappointed.

Thanks for the best in TV I've seen in years.

Mary said...

Jeff and Jordan-
I am so happy that you have not stooped to selling your memories and keepsakes on E-Bay. I think that cheapens the experience and having the "hearts" that you both have I would hope you would want to hang on to them to remind you of that special time in each other's lives. Have you checked out what your housemates have sold on E-Bay? Did you know that Michelle has now added her key as well as her wedding rings?

Mary said...

After Jeff left you really stepped up to the plate and did what you had to do to win that game. Congratulations, girl! Awesome!! But do you still give Jeff the credit he deserves for getting you to that point in the game that made it possible for you to get to by for that coveted seat?

Mary said...

I am sick to death of hearing that you made the fatal mistake of getting Russell out too early. You are so right - he would have taken every opportunity to take you out had you not done that. And if you had not done that - he may be $500,000 richer right now - and the thought of that makes me throw up in my mouth. But do you think that actually your chances would have been better if you had let Kevin win that competition where you won HOH - and let him take Russell out? I know a lot of other things (like POV) come into play here so there weren't any guarantees. But after watching every minute of the live feeds (which you two need to do, by the way - take a few days and curl up together and watch them - you will have a ball)you definitely made the right decision as far as getting Russell out while you had the chance.

Veronica Morrissey said...

Jeff- has Vin Diesel called yet? ;)

(...loved ur stories)

FAN Thoughts on BB 11...and possible ELLEN Show!?!

Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother 11- FANS want to see these America's Sweethearts on the Ellen show! Fans...WOW! There are so many of us- and not the creepy fans either- just normal everyday people like myself. I'm a mom and happily married for 20 years and counting:)So for what reason is the Jordeff fever? Honestly, we in the chat rooms across America and Canada ask ourselves that question everyday. We feel silly that we care so much! LOL...embarrassed that we got the subscription to the live feeds and rearranged our schedules just 2 b able to watch these 2. Maybe it's the joy. Simple joy- like the feeling you get when Ellen dances! It's wholesome. A stress buster to just laugh and smile and remember what is really important that we sometimes forget- it feels good to b happy for each other, even for people we don't know. It feels good to root for the underdog. It feels good to recognize possibilities. For all the bad and ugly we see in our world sometimes- it's nice to recognize and respond to -simply joy.

comment written by, Veronica Morrissey

Veronica Morrissey said...

Jeff- has Vin Diesel called yet? ;)

(...loved ur stories)

FAN Thoughts on BB 11...and possible ELLEN Show!?!

Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother 11- FANS want to see these America's Sweethearts on the Ellen show! Fans...WOW! There are so many of us- and not the creepy fans either- just normal everyday people like myself. I'm a mom and happily married for 20 years and counting:)So for what reason is the Jordeff fever? Honestly, we in the chat rooms across America and Canada ask ourselves that question everyday. We feel silly that we care so much! LOL...embarrassed that we got the subscription to the live feeds and rearranged our schedules just 2 b able to watch these 2. Maybe it's the joy. Simple joy- like the feeling you get when Ellen dances! It's wholesome. A stress buster to just laugh and smile and remember what is really important that we sometimes forget- it feels good to b happy for each other, even for people we don't know. It feels good to root for the underdog. It feels good to recognize possibilities. For all the bad and ugly we see in our world sometimes- it's nice to recognize and respond to -simply joy.

comment written by, Veronica Morrissey

rose_riz said...

Hi and Congratulations! I'd like to know if both of you could have ever imagined that your relationship would have such an impact on people to give you a "morphed" name? And do you prefer one over another- Jordeff, Jorff,JeJo?? I think it's great and you both deserve all the good things that come your way. Thanks for a great summer and hopefully more TV time! Thanks Baub Show

Anais said...

Jordan and especially Jeff have been very diplomatic when speaking about houseguests outside of the house while others have taken a different route by criticizing each other, specifically Russell talking about Jordan's undeserving win and Kevin implying Jeff is homophobic. Some have said envy is at the root of those criticisms because of your status as the most popular. What do both of you have to say about this issue?

Mary said...

You said repeatedly in your interviews that you would want to stay in contact with any houseguests that wanted to stay in contact with you. Have you read much and are you aware of how many times some of them have bashed the two of you in interviews since it was all over. An example: Russell said in an interview to People (and I quote):
"I think, in this season, you were better off being STUPID, and UN-ATHLETIC, as well as having an I.Q. UNDER TEN"..."I think it's bull, and it's a travesty that the wrong person won". That is an example of what some of them have said. Michelle has continuously bashed both of you also. (This one is probably jealousy, though, because she really did have the hots for you!! Remember when she did everything possible to make sure that the two of you were not alone together - haha) Do these comments change your attitude or opinion on keeping in touch with the other houseguests?

Russell. “I think, in this season, you were better off being stupid, and un-athletic, as well as having an I.Q. under ten,” he told PEOPLE after the show. “And you would probably get to the final three. I think it’s bull–, and its a travesty that the wrong person won

Anais said...

Do either of you plan on putting items from your Big Brother experience on ebay?

tesmurllc said...

My question is why was Jordan willing to put Jeff on slop after the graduation day challenge when he was her best ally and would never do the same? I would like to also know how Jeff felt about that.

Poet said...

Did Jordan's family find a house yet?

Are the both of you still planning on taking a vacation together soon?

Have you discussed any plans to spend the upcoming holidays together (i.e. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)?

Billy said...

Jeff, What is that tattoo on your upper left arm?

Maggie said...

from Maggie: I've watched EVERY season of Big Brother, but JEFF & JORDAN are the very first people I cared about seeing after their show ended. You two were ALWAYS so comfortable & at ease around each other & COULD NOT keep your hands off one another. How adorable is that to watch. One of my favorite moments is what Jeff asked Jordan, "Hey Jordan, do you want to get married? And she replied, "Sure, Jeff", etc. The ring chat. Jeff says "one of us better win this thing then" and finishes by commenting "I can't believe I'm engaged!" Y'all reminded me of a real life Barbie & Ken. My question is: Has your TV exposure & success brought either of you any career offers you would consider? Anything you can tell your fans? Please tell us about your families reactions AFTER the show ended & back into normal daily life. Best wishes always.

realtor39 said...

I was really bummed about CBS not showing jordans goodbye message to jeff.
1) did jeff get to see the goodbye message? What did she say?
2) did your families think you were just bff's?
3) has Jordan spoke to big Texas since the show?

realtor39 said...

I was really bummed that cbs didnt show the goodbye messages to jeff.

1)Did Jeff get to see them? If so what did jordan say.

2) Did your families think you two were more than bff's?

3) Has Jordan spoke to Big Texas since the show? LOL

4) Have any of the house guests apologized for their behavior after being able to see what was really going on. Especially Ronnie and Lydia.
Thank you

Queenee11 said...

Hi Baub, J&J.

A simple question for both:

Are you two in love with each other?

A simple yes or not will do but, both need to answer.

TIA from your biggest fan but not in a stalkerish way LOL...(is that even a word?)

janedans said...

Now that you both have been to each other's homes, Jordan how did you like Chicago and Jeff how did you like Charlotte?
Your lives have been like a romantic novel only now I'm in the middle...Please make my novel end with an ending to please all lovers. Hope you win October 27th~~~!!

Anonymous said...

Jeff we love your accent!! Love it! Don't change a thing

LoriInMo said...


Have you 2 considered selling a few phone calls on ebay?

We know you are both very humble about having fans and fame but you could make some real $ for your travels together or even to donate to the children's cancer charity event that's coming up in Chicago!