Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Questions for Jeff and Jordan?

My most requested guests are coming back to help me celebrate my one year anniversary of The Baub Show! Because I know many of you have questions, please take the comment section of this post as your place to post questions and I will do my best to ask them when the show broadcasts live on June 7th, at!


Julie said...

What has been the most "unusual" request from a fan since you've gained fame from Big Brother and Amazing Race?

Julie said...

Have you seen fan interest decrease since Amazing Race is over and a new Big Brother is about to begin?

deeTN said...

Was Jeff very nervous watching Jordan walk the cable or knowing she was bungee jumping on TAR? She rocked those by the way! Go Jordan!!

On the LATS Valentine interview they were asked if either had been hurt or sick on TAR. They said they were fine NOW but couldn't say anything further. Now that they can talk about it, were either hurt or sick? Jeff did look a little green after the sauerkraut and beer. LOL

jordeff fan said...

How many times a day do you text? How many times a day do you call each other?

Anonymous said...

Even though it's none of our business, do you guys have definite plans to perhaps move closer together someday, or are you waiting to see what happens after this summer if you want to continue your relationship or not? said...

If you choose any of these, please don't try reading my Google name. It's all initials, before my last name. Just call me Maggie Mae. Thanks!

Amazing Race questions for both of them: Did you watch the show, after your episodes were over? After you left the race, of all the countries you did NOT get to travel to, which one do you wish you could have seen?

Loved the Elimination Station vids. After they were eliminated, I was more excited about those, than the race.

The place they stayed looked gorgeous. Besides the fact they were eliminated, did they have fun there? What kinds of things were they allowed to do? Music? Movies? Catered meals?

Has Jordan started school yet? Wishing her the best of luck, on finishing that class.

When will Jeff be able to tell us about his next gig, or do we have to wait for the logistics to be worked out and the contract to be signed? ;-)

Okay, that's enough, from me. Thanks for taking the questions!

knouase said...

Hey Bob it's Brady, I have a few questions...

Jeff mention that Jordan had headshots made recently. Does she have anything lined up and is she modeling now?

If it's not to personal two more, Bob you be the judge...

Has the "M" (marriage) word been discussed between them?

Is Jeff romantic what is the most romantic thing he has done for Jordan.

bbfan4ever said...

#1 Jeff: Will you and Jordan be able to visit each other during your summer 'Project'?

#2 Jeff: Jordan told us about the girl coming up to you in a Chicago nightclub while Jordan was standing right beside you and kissing you on the mouth. How would you react if a guy came up and kissed Jordan on the mouth or groped her butt? Do ya'll live by the relationship rule "Don't do anything you wouldn't want the other to do"?

#3 Jordan: How is full time work and full time school going?

#4 Both: Your special 'alone' trip keeps getting moved back due to schedules. Do you still plan to go to Antigua this fall/winter?

#5 Jordan: We heard you had some head shots done. Got a web address of an agency we can see them on?

#6 Jeff: You said the two of you were doing long distance through the summer. Then the relationship or move together?

#7 Jeff: Last time you did a summer 'Project' you chose to go as a 'Free' man. Is it different this time and you want to remain in a committed relationship with Jordan?

#8 Both: As BB12 approaches, are you thinking back to entering the BB house last July 5 and meeting each other for the first time? Do you consider that date, July 5, an anniversary date?

#9 Both: Who is quicker to say "I'm sorry" and want to resolve issues when you bicker?

Jessica said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I am one of Jeff and Jordan's biggest fan.I hope these questions are not too personal, but I was always told if you want to know ask, and you just might get the answer.
One of the questions that I have is, there has been a RUMOR and discussions that the two of you are engaged is it true?

If not do you see marriage and babies in your future?

Jeff is Jordan as sassy as she was in the BB house with you?

Jordan has Jeff gotten to like feet, in the house he said he wasn't a fan of feet?

Jeff did you enjoy your birthday? How does it feel to be 32?

Will Jeff and Jordan see each other during the summer months with Jeff's project?

If not how do they hope to maintain their relationship, during that long absent?

Terri said...

Hi Bob - I realize these questions may or may not be asked....use your own judgement & thank you for your I go:

- How many days were you in sequester pre-TAR? What was permissable during this time?

- Where did you spend "Thanksgiving Day"?

- Elimination Station - did you get alone time to decompress & enjoy the place? were camera's there 24/7? Seems you enjoyed Adrian/Dana's companion...did you find their advice on relationships helpful..specially after going through a rough patch or was there any counseling provided at the site to help sort things out?

- Are your families planning to meet in the near future?

- Seems to me you guys put each other first in your relationship hence a healthy/strong makes you both shine even more! What are your atributes...what's important/priorities...especially this summer when you won't get to see each other much physically?

- In one of your post-TAR interviews you mentioned your relationship is serious & how your amazing story would be something to tell your grandkids... has the "M" word been discussed?

Terri said...

one more:

- How amazing is that your mother's saw such a special bond between you 2 (BB11) at such early stage of your relationship & probably before your feelings fully developed? Call it fate/destiny but you 2 happened to be in the right place at the right time really is something amazing!!!

deeTN said...

Please, please, please have Jordan do some Renny. She was so funny imitating her on BB.

Everyone always asks Jeff what's the most romantic thing he's ever done for Jordan (which he never answers, says ask Jordan...hey, let's ask her that), but what does Jeff think is the sweetest thing Jordan has done for him (post BB cause her offering to give up her game for him would be #1, IMO).

Ryan said...

Question 1: Jordan, what is the most romantic thing Jeff has done for you. And jeff what is the most romantic thing Jordan has done for you?

Question 2: How excited was Jeff when Jordan go to be the 'ring girl' when they were at Elimnation Station in Mexico

Question 3: Jordan, you always talked about how strict your Grandpa was in the Big Brother House. So, how did your Grandpa feel about your behavior in the big brother house. Especially the "no booger" rule ;).

Kris said...

Hi Bob! I gave Jeff some gifts to give to Jordan @ the M&G at Gator's in Florida. Could you ask Jeff if he was able to get the gifts home (including the John Gotti Bobblehead - he will know what you are talking about for sure). If Jeff was able to get the gifts home & if he remembered to give the gifts to Jordan, could you ask Jordan if she liked the jewelry from Higgs13? Thanks!

Kris said...

Hi Bob! I gave Jeff some gifts to give to Jordan @ the M&G at Gator's in Florida. Could you ask Jeff if he was able to get the gifts home (including the John Gotti Bobblehead - he will know what you are talking about for sure). If Jeff was able to get the gifts home & if he remembered to give the gifts to Jordan, could you ask Jordan if she liked the jewelry from Higgs13? Thanks!

Marilyn said...

Hi Bob! We are so happy you are having Jeff and Jordan again. Your interview with them last time was absolutely the best. They seem so relaxed and comfortable with you.

Jordan, we hope you aren't working too hard with your busy job and school.

Jordan, what classes are you taking and are they online classes or are you having to attend class?

Jeff, Jordan is so beautiful...does it ever concern you about some of the "over zealous" tweets that she gets from guys? Would you be okay with her doing a Meet and Greet like the one you did in Florida without you?

Jeff and Jordan....Who was the first one to say "I love you?"

Thanks for your answers and I hope you know how much your fans adore both of you.

Jaime said...

Thanks Baub for putting this all together.

Jordan you are very beautiful, do men approach you more now that you some recongition?

Jordan where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Jordan are you ever coming to ATL to maybe do a M&G?

One last comment Jeff you have found in a partner what most men would want in Jordan, myself included as we say in the south she is all that.

Jess_BBLove said...

Jeff, Jordan.

It's Jess_BBLove. :]

My question is "I know that you love your fans, but there has to be ONE (maybe, more) question that you get annoyed about, which question would that be?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, its sooner1200

Question for both Jeff and Jordan:

"You obviously learned ALOT about each other when in the Big Brother house....what is one thing that you learned about each other during Amazing Race that you didn't already know from being on Big Brother?"


"Both Jeff and Jordan have referenced being close friends with the cowboys from TAR, they did not show alot of interaction between the two teams on the actual did they spend time with them while not racing...or where did that friendship come about? Im from Oklahoma so the Cowboys were my second favorite team!"

deeTN said...

What did Jeff do with his Aurora sweatpants he said Jordan broke the elastic in? (I'm sure it wasn't her fault, by the way)

How long does Phil really talk to the teams at the pit stops on TAR?

Do you get to spend any of your down time with Phil?

Is Phil as nice as he seems to be?

Does Jordan like flying now that she has done so much of it?

Find some way to get their famous bantering started and let them go. I think we all love and miss that!

tracy said...

Jordan you have said in a previous tweet that you love Jeff's eyes, chest and smile. Jeff what stands out the most when you think of Jordan?

I just want to thank both of you for the time you give the fans. You both are gracious and kind. So thank you very much.

Baub.. Congratulations for having such a great show, I hope it continues to grow.

newme11 said...

Whenever I have friends visiting and I take them on a tour of San Fransisco The Tonga Room is a must. Were you able to sightsee in SF at all before or after the end of the race?

Jeff how great was it to be on 2 NFL fields within the same year?

Jordan does Chicago feel like home yet?

It was so nice to see you finish the race with your positive attitudes and smiles - just how long were you out in that vineyard?

Jeff - Charleston or Myrtle Beach? Do you have a favorite Carolina coastal area?

Jordan does Peyton enjoy a brother type relationship with Jeff?

Jeff have you got Jordan to try or even enjoy any type of fish/seafood yet?

What was your favorite activiy in Puerto Vallarta?

Do you stay in regular contact with any of the racers?

Jeff have you had to interact with Joe? Your elimination station commentary was hysterical!

newme11 said...

Just one more quick question....

jordan your dog Maggie is so cute! Does she love Jeff or is she a little jealous during his visits?

knouase said...

A few more TAR questions.

Did you guys cash in the Vancouver Trip or do you still plan on going.

Jeff - Other than the France WWII task, were you more impressed with Jordan on the race when you watched it on TV. (tight rope, bungie, she wanted to do the soccer task) From an outsider looking in Jordan really did rock the comps.

Was there every a time you guys were afraid that the other would get hurt doing a task?

Thanks again Bob for everything.

Daffodil said...

1. How hard was it to keep the secrets about TAR? First, about being a participant and then about not being able to tell anyone how you did on the race. Were you allowed to tell your friends and family anything?
2. Elimination Station videos portrayed Phil as sort of a “Dr. Phil” for you both as you were close to the end legs. Did you feel like Phil was a help to you in terms of encouraging you or did you feel it was partially for TV?
3. When did you have time to eat and sleep while traveling for TAR? Did you feel you had enough money to buy what you needed on the race?
4. What did you do in preparation to be on the show in terms of watching prior episodes or studying up on geography?
5. Were you worried about how you both would do traveling together since it would be such a new situation for Jordan (in that she had not traveled much and Jeff had)?
6. Why didn’t Jeff just eat the sauerkraut? Mike, Brandy and others pounded it down pretty quickly. It’s better than having to eat bugs isn’t it?
7. In terms of editing, did you feel TAR gave you a good edit, a not so good edit, or a realistic edit?
8. Which other TAR teams did you get along with the best and why? Which will you stay in contact with?
9. Did you both actually enjoy your time in Mexico with the other eliminated TAR participants? If so, what were your favorite times? If not, why not?
10. Will Joe ever get over his anger at being U-turned?
11. Did you get to do anything fun in San Francisco besides go to Candlestick Park?
12. Why was Jeff attending the Streamy Awards with Alex Boylan? Did he meet anyone famous or interesting there?
13. Is there a project that Jeff is currently working on that will be announced soon?
14. What would be Jeff's dream job in terms of a career and would you he and Jordan be willing to move to California to live to do it if need be? Or would they prefer to stay in Chicago?
15. Did Jeff get to go fishing the last time he was in California?
16. What did you do for Jeff's birthday?
17. Do they get recognized on a regular basis in Chicago and Charlotte?
18. How is Jordan feeling about taking summer school?
19. Will the next step for Jordan education be dental hygiene school and can she take that in Chicago?
20. Has Jeff cooked for Jordan’s family?
21. How does Jordan get along with Jeff's nieces, Marley and Macy?
22. How does Jordan's mom and brother like the new townhouse?
23. How is the new dog doing and who takes care of it the most?
24. What do the two of you most enjoy doing together?
25. Does Jordan work out more on a regular schedule than she did in the BB house?
26. Would either of you go back and host a competition on BB12 if asked?
27. Did you both wonder why production moved the dresser from the Splish Splash room?
28. Jeff, Did you go to the Chicago auditions for BB12 and Jordan in Charlotte?
29. Did you ever meet any of the behind the scenes production people from BB11 after the show?
30. How is Mimmo’s baby doing?
31. How is the baby doing that Jordan's friend had that she said was pregnant on the show?
32. Do you feel like your lives has gotten back to normal yet?

Monica said...

I'm sure this past year has been a life-changing experience. To both of you - what's the biggest or most important thing you've learned about yourself through all of it?

kim said...

Hey Jeff and Jordan

My name is Kim and I'm from Chattanooga, TN. I became a huge fan of Big Brother and TAR because of the two of you. I really don't have a question (I think everybody has those covered) but I would like to make a comment if I may. You guys make a wonderful couple. You seem so true to yourselves as well as to others--both of you deserve the very best that life has to offer and I'm sure the two of you will accomplish huge successes in life--the positivity will make your dreams come true. Always do something that keeps your heart full, lifts your spirits and definately makes you smile. BE HAPPY AND ENJOY EACH OTHER--I wish you both the very best.